Research into Recovery and Wellbeing

A website about the work of the recovery research team at the Institute of Mental Health

The University of Nottingham

External websites

Websites are listed in alphabetical order.

Centre for Mental Health (UK) (formerly the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health): recovery pages
The Centre for Mental Health is a partner in the 'Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change' (ImROC) programme and there are many publications about recovery available from this website.

Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC) programme (England)
ImROC is run by the NHS Confederation's Mental Health Network and the Centre for Mental Health. Nearly 30 NHS organisations are taking part in this programme, which started in 2011. Some have hired paid peer support workers – people with personal experience of mental health problems – to work alongside mental health professionals. Others are developing 'Recovery Colleges.'

Mental Health Foundation (UK) – information about recovery.

National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (USA)

Peer Worker Research Project (UK)
Information about a research project being run by a team at St George's, University of London.

Recovery Devon (UK)
The website includes personal stories and resources.

Rethink Mental Illness (UK) – recovery information
This section of the website contains information about what recovery can mean; recovery challenges; tools for recovery; and how mental health professionals can support recovery.

Scottish Recovery Network
The SRN is funded by the Scottish government and has project income from NHS Education for Scotland. The Network is hosted by the voluntary sector organisation Penumbra. The website contains information about the Network's activities and projects and personal stories of recovery.

Social Perspectives Network (UK) 
The Network (in England and Wales) includes service users, family members, policy makers, academics, students and practitioners who are 'interested in how social factors both contribute to people becoming distressed and play a crucial part in promoting people's recovery.'

Time to Change (England) 
A programme to challenge discrimination against people who have experienced mental health problems, England.

WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan®) and Recovery Books
This website has information about the Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, developed by people who have personal experience of mental health problems.

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