Research into Recovery and Wellbeing

A website about the work of the recovery research team at the Institute of Mental Health

The University of Nottingham


Thank you for visiting our publications page, which gives Recovery Research Team publications from King's College London (until 2015) and University of Nottingham (since 2015). Please use the links on the left or below to navigate. 

Downloads gives access to the free booklets we publish, including 100 Ways to Support Recovery, REFOCUS Manual, Making Recovery a Reality.


Academic papers give references for papers our group has published which do not come from a specific study . Elsewhere on our website, outputs from individual studies (e.g. REFOCUS, WELLFOCUS and CEDAR) are described under Research and measures (e.g. CAN, INSPIRE, SAFE and TAG) are described under Measures.


Books give references to books our group has published.


Talks give links to video and podcasts by our group.

Refocus on Recovery conference archive gives information about the biennial international conferences we organise.


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