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Refocus on Recovery 2019


Welcome to Refocus on Recovery 2019, which aims to advance the field of recovery research and to create an international community of influence. The conference brings together leading researchers and people who use mental health services, their carers and informal supporters, mental health workers and professionals 

Please find the current version of this year's programme here.

The event takes place in Nottingham in England from Tuesday 3rd - Thursday 5th September:


Expert Workshops (0900-1200 on 3 September 2019) - Spend the morning before the international conference learning skills from international leaders. (Venue: Nottingham Conference Centre). Click here to register for an expert workshop.


Refocus on Recovery 2019 (1300 on 3 September until 1300 on 5 September 2019) - Join our 5th international recovery research conference. (Venue: Nottingham Conference Centre). Click here to register for the conference. 

At each Refocus on Recovery international conference, a debate is held on a globally topical issue. This year our topic will be: "This house believes that there is no place for compulsion in a rights-oriented mental health system".


Alison Faulkner and Peter Bartlett will speak for the motion, and John Copping and Vicky Stergiopoulos will speak against the motion. The debate will be chaired by Samson Tse.


The debate will be live streamed at 12:00 BST on Thursday 5th September, and questions can be posed to the panellists via the website. More details can be found on the debate page.


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