Research into Recovery and Wellbeing

A website about the work of the recovery research team at the Institute of Mental Health

The University of Nottingham

The NEON Trials

The NEON Study has assembled the largest and most diverse collection of recovery narratives in the world. We have also developed a web application, the NEON Intervention, which provides access to these recovery stories for people who register an account. The NEON Intervention works on smartphones, tablets and on your laptop or desktop computer. 

From February 2020 onwards, we will be testing whether people benefit from viewing, hearing and reading these recovery stories through the NEON Intervention. We will be investigating the impact on three groups:

  • People with experience of psychosis in the NEON Trial.
  • People living with any other type of mental health problem in the NEON-O Trial
  • Carers of people living with ANY mental health problem in the NEON-C Trial

Once these trials have opened, you can sign up at

You don't need a diagnosis to take part in our trials.