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RECOLLECT measures

In the RECOLLECT 1 Study we developed the RECOLLECT Checklist and the RECOLLECT Fidelity Measure for Recovery Colleges. These were evaluated in a study involving 39 Recovery Colleges.

Both the RECOLLECT Checklist and the RECOLLECT Fidelity Measure can be freely used for education, clinical or research purposes, providing:

  1.  They are not changed
  2. No charge is made for their use
  3. Any resulting publication cites this reference: Toney R, Knight J, Hamill K, Taylor A, Henderson C, Crowther A, Meddings S, Barbic S, Jennings H, Pollock K, Bates P, Repper J, Slade M (2019) Development and evaluation of a Recovery College fidelity measure, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 64, 405-414.



The RECOLLECT Checklist is intended to help Recovery Colleges in their development. There are three versions to capture different perspectives which you can download below:

Student version

Peer trainer version

Manager version


RECOLLECT Fidelity measure

The RECOLLECT Fidelity Measure produces a quantitative score, and is primarily for use in evaluation.

You can download the RECOLLECT Fidelity Measure here.



The RECOLLECT Checklist and the RECOLLECT Fidelity measure can be translated providing conditions 1 to 3 above are met, and you send us the translation so we can make it available as a download.

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